Precision when it matters most.

We are a startup in the Yes!Delft incubator focused on the development of personalized precision products. Co-founder Pieter Smakman created the first dedicated & low-cost 3D Hand Scanner for his Master graduation project at TU Delft. With photogrammetry and 36 cameras the working prototype is able to create a precise surface model of the hand. Co-founders Mauricio Sandoval and Robin Jones have expertise in developing high-tech medical products and wearables. Three entepreneurial minds align to kickstart a revolution…

We have succesfully worked together in the past and brought consumer products to the market. In our latest endeavour we combine our skills to revolutionize the orthotics industry. We believe that 3D scanning and printing technologies will shape the future of orthotics. New possibilities will arise in terms of medical functionalities, aesthetics and efficiency in production. We’d love to share our vision with you, please contact us for a demonstration.

“The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall.”
– Che Guevara

So we’ve made a 3D scan. And now what?

Scan Expertise

Making a good 3D scan can be very challenging. We will work out the best way to get the measurements that we need.

Easy & Complete workflow

Editing and customizing the product is a crucial step. We will smoothen this process by giving you the tools in a way that suits you.

Unique product

In the end, it is all about the product. As experienced consumer-product designers, we know exactly how to create a lasting and well-functioning product that people love to use.

The team.

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

Co-Founder / Design / Automation

Pieter Smakman

Pieter Smakman

Co-Founder / Design / Strategy

Mauricio Sandoval

Mauricio Sandoval

Co-Founder / Design / Creative



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