This is

a brace.

This is

a brace.


Our braces are incomparable with what you have seen before. We have designed our braces from a blank sheet. Are you curious for a Manometric brace?

For professionals

Manometric works closely together with many different medical specialists. Are you curious for the products of Manometric and how we could work together?

Measurement at 1.5 meters.

For three years, we have been doing things differently. Because we have our own proprietary 3D Scanner, we can do the measurement from a distance – making sure we are in very limited contact with each other. Watch the movie for a clear example!
“the brace gives me great support, and more freedom than my previous braces!”

Eliot, 66 years.

“if I wear the braces at night, I wake up without pain.”

Nel, 65 years.

“these braces have great potential for the patient. Everyday, I see people who would benefit greatly from this new technology.”

Dr. Gerald Kraan
Orthopedic Surgeon, Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis

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