Join a dreamteam.

We are fascinated by 3D technology and the way we can positively impact the world. Orthoses have great impact in people’s lives. It enables them to work, and do the things again they like to do most – sports, playing the piano, travel. We give more color to their life.

Manometric is transforming orthoses and prosthetics from necessities to products people love to wear. We have built a proprietary 3D arm scanner, along with highly innovative brace designs and automation software. And much more in the pipeline.

We believe in the power of a multi-disciplinary approach. Great products should integrate design, engineering and software perfectly. That’s why we value curiosity, entrepreneurship and collaboration enormously.

We offer a unique opportunity to join our diverse team of dedicated designers, engineers & researchers. We work in our brand-new office in The Hague – a unique place that brings together professional patient care, a state-of-the-art R&D facility and a modern workshop where we can 3D print anything you can imagine.

We are getting ready to expand worldwide. Dare to join this ride?