Manometric wants to bring 3D Printed Braces to people. The possibilities and advantages are huge – for the patient, and for the orthopedic professional.

Modelling and personalizing a brace in 3D used to be time-intensive and difficult. That’s why we made it easy and straightforward. Everyone can learn it.


We developed Manometric Studio: a full solution to deliver high-quality 3D Printed Braces. From 3D Scan, to adjustments, to 3D Print Рwe guide you through the whole process.

It feels natural and mimics the current process in a virtual way.

Easy Workflow

Medical Adjustments

Unique Design

New Possibilities

We believe that 3D technologies will shape the future of orthotics. New possibilities will arise in terms of new medical functionalities, aesthetics and efficiency in production.

We are a team located in Yes!Delft, next to TU Delft. Originated from this university, we are specialized in combining technology with people. We are designers, coders and researchers with a strong drive to innovate and improve orthotics – products that have a great impact on the lives of many people.

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