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Double Swan Neck Air (A2150)

The Double Swan Neck prevents hyperextension of the PIP and the DIP joint, while still maintaining flexion in both joints. The Splint is made of a very high-quality bio-compatible polymer. All rings can be customized for each finger dimension, as well as the contact surface (width) of the rings.

This version of the double Swan Neck has no hinge! The form of the rings has been adjusted so the rings will not touch each other while wearing, to prevent the Swan Neck on the PIP from pushing off the Swan Neck on the DIP.



+ A certified, bio-compatible material, suitable for long-term usage directly on the skin.

+ A non-intrusive, almost invisible design for the wearer.

+ Durable and improved design. The rounding between the rings improves the stiffness and strength.

+ Adjustable with moderate temperature after production.

+ Specified hand (L / R) and finger (Digit 1 – 5) engraved in splint.



+ High quality Bio-Compatible Polymer.

+ Contact surface (width) available in 2.5 / 3.5 / 5 / 8 mm.

+ Easy to order with a fillable form (PDF).

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