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Swan Neck Air (A1050)

The Swan Neck finger splint prevents hyperextension of the PIP/DIP joint, while maintaining mobility with flexion. The Splint is made of a very high-quality bio-compatible polymer. Both rings can be customized for each finger dimension, as well as the contact surface (width) of the rings.



+  A certified, bio-compatible material, suitable for long-term usage directly on the skin.

+  A non-intrusive, almost invisible design for the wearer.

+  Durable and improved design. The rounding between the rings improves the stiffness and strength.

+  Adjustable with moderate temperature after production.

+  Specified hand (L / R) and finger (Digit 1 – 5) engraved in splint.



+  High quality Bio-Compatible Polymer.

+  Contact surface (width) available in 2.5 / 3.5 / 5 / 8 mm.

+  Easy to order with a fillable form (PDF).

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